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Online China Business Advisory Service

We offer a free China business advisory service to help Hong Kong and overseas SMEs with regard to information of the mainland China market, including: market environment, government regulations, customs requirements, intellectual property rights and taxation.

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Please click the button and submit your question. We will reply you as soon as possible.

Latest Enquiries

Q: How should a foreigner apply for a China work permit?
Q: When promoting goods or services in China, what rules should foreign enterprises abide by?
Q: What is the way to secure high-tech enterprise status and enjoy preferential income tax treatment?
Q: How is it possible to ensure that consignments routed to the mainland via Hong Kong enjoy the preferential tariffs specified under the relevant Free Trade Agreements?
Q: What are the requirements of the incoming Environmental Protection Tax Law and what are the tax liabilities that are likely to ensue?

Q: What are the current VAT rates in China?
Q: What is the difference between the registration and record-filing of imported health foods?
Q: What are the registration procedures for milk powder import? What are the labelling requirements?
Q: Is registration required for the selling of drones? What are the points to note?
Q: What are the inspection and quarantine requirements for the import of US beef to China?

Q: Which goods are prohibited from being mailed to China?
Q: Is registration required for imported software?
Q: Are inward/outward personal postal articles subject to taxes in China? What are the restrictions?
Q: Has the simplified enterprise deregistration system been implemented in Guangdong?
Q: How does a doctor register in China?

Q: How should domain names be registered in China?
Q: Are there any restrictions on the import of wireless transmission equipment?
Q: What are China’s measures for promoting “happiness industries”?
Q: What should consignees of imported cosmetic products provide for record filing?
Q: What are the requirements for enterprises applying for permission to use the “green channel” for their imports and exports?

Q: What documents should be furnished by a foreign trade enterprise applying for export tax rebate?
Q: Are licences required for the import of salmon?
Q: Under what circumstances are export enterprises not allowed to apply for export tax rebate?
Q: What are the qualifications of the chief representative of a foreign company’s representative office in China?
Q: What are the procedures of importing fruits to China from foreign countries?

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