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Meizhou (Guangdong) City Information

Major Economic Indicators (2015)
Land Area (km2) 15,925
Population (million) 4.34
GDP (RMB billion) 95.98
GDP Per Capita (RMB) 22,155
GDP Composition
Primary Industry 19.6%
Secondary Industry 36.7%
   Industry 30.0%
Tertiary Industry 43.7%
Retail Sales of Consumer Goods (RMB billion) 55.95
Utilised FDI (USD million) 71.3
Exports (USD million) 2,272
Imports (USD million) 182

Source: Guangdong Statistical Yearbook 2016

General Introduction

Meizhou is situated in the northeastern part of the Guangdong Province. It is accessible by the Guangzhou-Meizhou railway, State Highway 205 and 206. Meizhou Airport offers flights to Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Meizhou is well known for Hakka cuisine, including dishes such as Yan Ju Ji, Niang Dou Fu, Steamed Sliced Pork with Preserved Vegetables and Fried Young Duck.

Meizhou is rich in mineral resources, such as coal, iron, copper, manganese and lead. The proven iron ore reserves in the city exceed 270 million tons. The reserves of iron and manganese in Meizhou comprise 30% and 20% of Guangdong Province's total respectively.

Industry accounted for 30% of Meizhou’s GDP in 2015. The pillar industries in the city are tobacco, electric power supply and production, construction materials, electronic information industry, electrical manufacturing and mining processing.

Leading firms invested in the city includes Guangdong Baolihua New Energy Stock Co. Ltd, Guangdong Tapai Group, Guangdong Weihua Group, Meizhou Cigarettes Plant of China Tobacco (Guangdong) Industrial Corp and Guangdong Mingzhu Group.

Major Industrial Parks / Development Zones

1. Meizhou High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Target industries: Transportation equipment manufacturing, electronic equipment manufacturing, rare earth processing

Website: www.gdmzgxq.gov.cn

2. Dongguang Tangxia (Pingyuan) Industrial Transfer Park

Target industries: Rare earth materials, machinery manufacturing, construction materials

Website: www.gdei.gov.cn/flxx/cyzy/gwjk/201407/t20140704_112860.htm



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