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Bozhou (Anhui) City Information

Major Economic Indicators (2015)
Land Area (km2)8,374
Population (million)5.0
GDP (RMB billion)94.3
GDP Per Capita (RMB)18,771
GDP Composition
     Primary Industry20.7%
     Secondary Industry39.3%
     Tertiary Industry40.0%
Retail Sales of Consumer Goods (RMB billion)43.6
Utilised FDI (USD million)656.6
Exports (USD million)450.2
Imports (USD million)51.4

Source: Anhui Statistical Yearbook 2016

General Introduction

Bozhou, lies in the northwestern part of the Anhui Province. It is a national historical and cultural city which is famous for its 5,000-year history and abundant cultural landmarks.

Bozhou is a Chinese medicinal herb planting base in China. The white peony root output in Bozhou accounts for over 50% of China's total. The city also has plentiful coal resources. Proven coal reserves in Bozhou exceed 3.5 billion tons and rank third in Anhui after Huaibei and Huainan.

The industry sector accounted for 32% of the GDP in 2015. Major industries include coal mining and dressing, wine production and pharmaceuticals. The Gujing Group, listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996, is the first listed distilled liquor maker in China.

With a long, splendid history, Bozhou has lots of cultural and historical sites including the Hua Xi Tower, the Underground Tunnel, Tai Qing Palace and Hua Zu An. 

Major Industrial Parks / Development Zones

1. Mengcheng Economic Development Zone

Target industries: Automotive and machine processing, sub-agricultural processing, textile weaving

Website: http://jkq.mengcheng.gov.cn

2. Anhui Bozhou Industrial Park

Target industries: Sub-agricultural processing, modern Chinese medicine manufacturing, chemical, superhard material manufacturing

3. Anhui Guoyang Industrial Park

Target industries: Coal, chemical, new building materials, machine processing, food processing, high-technology, labour-intensive, farm machinery, agricultural, automotive, logistics

Website: http://english.bozhou.gov.cn/content/50.html

4. Bozhou Wuhu Modern Industrial Park

Target industries: Equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, food, medicine

Website: http://english.bozhou.gov.cn/content/54.html


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