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Qingdao (Shandong) City Information

Major Economic Indicators (2015)
Land Area (km2)10,654
Population (million)9.1
GDP (RMB billion)930.01
GDP Per Capita (RMB)102,519
GDP Composition
     Primary Industry3.9%
     Secondary Industry43.3%
     Tertiary Industry52.8%
Retail Sales of Consumer Goods (RMB billion)371.4
Utilised FDI (USD billion)6.7
Exports (USD billion)45.3
Imports (USD billion)24.9

Source: Shandong Statistical Yearbook 2016

General Introduction

Located in the south of the Shandong Peninsula, Qingdao is a major seaport of China. In 2015, Qingdao container port throughput was the 5th highest in China. It has services to 450 ports in 130 countries and economies.

Qingdao is designated as a national hub in MOFCOM’s development plan (2015-2020) of distributive trade and logistics. In addition to the port, Qingdao has a traffic network of nine highways which is the largest in Shandong.

Qingdao ranked the 16th most competitive city in China according to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2016.

The industry sector accounted for 38% of the GDP in 2015. Pillar industries in the city include electronics, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, automobiles, machinery, metallurgy, building materials, biopharmaceuticals, textiles and garments, and food and beverage processing. Dominant enterprise in Qingdao is Haier, which is the world's largest white-goods manufacturer.

Qingdao is also famous for beer. The city has the nation's largest beer producer, Tsingtao Brewery. The Qingdao International Beer Festival in August/September has been held annually since 1991.

Tourism is an essential industry of Qingdao’s service sector. The Qingdao Shilaoren National Holiday Resort is a state-level holiday resort in China, which is well known for its upscale hotels and beautiful beach.

Major Industrial Parks / Development Zones

1. Qingdao Economic and Technological Development Area (state-level)

Target industries: Home appliances, electronics, petrochemicals, automobiles and auto parts, shipbuilding, new materials, port logistics

Major investors: Ruizhi Compressor, Taiwan Glass, Kobe Steel, Sojit Machinery

Website: www.qda.gov.cn

2. Qingdao Export Processing Zone (state-level)

Target industries: Information technology, precision machinery, new materials, fine chemicals

Major investors: Tyco International, Stihl Group, Hosiden Technology, OGK

Website: www.qdepz.com

3. Qingdao Free Trade Zone (including the Logistics Park of Qingdao Free Trade Zone) (state-level)

Target industries: Container transport, product storage, ocean transport, export processing, high-tech export-oriented industries, port trade

Major investors: Itochu, Sumitomo, Mitsubishi, Nissho Iwai, Marubeni, Panasonic, Lucent, Eastman, PL Plastic, Mediterranean Shipping, Maersk

Website: www.qdftz.gov.cn

4. Qingdao High-tech Industrial Development Zone (state-level)

Target industries: Information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, new energy, advanced equipment manufacturing, marine technology, defense technology

Major investors: Lucent, Parker Hannifen, SSL, Hisense, Haier Soft, Neusoft

Website: www.parkchina.net/park/index.php?park_id=1376


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