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Shenyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone (including Shenyang Cross-strait Technological Park)

Facts & Figures (2010)

Rating A
Year of Establishment 1991
Land Area 27.5 km2
Location Shenyang, Liaoning
Utilized FDI N.A
Major Investors Neusoft, LG, Tsinghua Tongfang, Mitsubishi, Siasun Robots, Toshiba, GE, Xiehe Pharmaceuticals, Shuangding Pharmaceuticals
Major Industries Encouraged Information technology, advanced manufacturing, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials
Source of Facts & Figures Source: Administrative Committee of Shenyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone
Introduction Located to the south of Shenyang’s downtown, Shenyang High-tech Industrial Development Zone (Shenyang HIDZ) is set up in May 1988, and became a state-level development zone in 1991.

Shenyang HIDZ is located 7 km from Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. Three highways connect it with cities including Yingkou, Dandong, Fushun. The nearest train station is only 4 km from Shenyang HIDZ.

In 2001, Shenyang HIDZ, Shenyang Export Processing Zone and Shenyang Singapore Industrial Park have been merged into Hunnan New District. Shenyang Cross-strait Technological Park (Shenyang CTP) is part of Shenyang HIDZ.
Investment Climate The pillar industries of Shenyang HIDZ are information technology, advanced manufacturing, biopharmaceuticals and new materials. The information technology industry focuses on the manufacture of integrated circuits, software, computers, home appliances and communication equipment. Major investors are Neusoft, LG and Tsinghua Tongfang.

Industrial automation, numerical control, digital medical equipment, automobiles and auto parts are the focus of advanced manufacturing industries. The major investors in these industries are Mitsubishi, Siasun Robot, Toshiba and GE.

Genetic engineering, modern Chinese medicine and chemical medicine are the major areas for development in the biopharmaceutical industry. Major investors include Xiehe Pharmaceutical and Shuangding Pharmaceutical.

In addition, new materials industry is an industry encouraged by Shenyang HIDZ. There are 15 enterprises in this field together with the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Metal in Shenyang, Northeastern University’s Institute of Metallurgy Technology and other related institutes. They form an integrated industrial chain that covers research, design and manufacturing.

In order to attract investment from Taiwan, Shenyang CTP was set up in September 1995. There are a variety of preferential policies for investors from Taiwan, including rebates on taxes, tariffs and costs.

Shenyang CTP covers an area of 5 sq km. Its major industries are software, computer equipment, communication equipment, automation technology, bioengineering, medicine, electronics, photoelectronics, new materials, and environmental protection technology.
Winning Edge and Limitation Winning Edge
  • Shenyang HIDZ has access to a great talent reserve in Shenyang
  • Shenyang has plenty of land and a steady supply of power and water
  • Shenyang HIDZ is adjacent to Shenyang International Airport

  • Shenyang is too far away to mass market its high-tech products
  • Because Shenyang focuses on the manufacturing industry, Shenyang’s high-tech industry lags behind that of Dalian
The Administration Committee Address: No. 3, Shiji Road, Hunnan New District, Shenyang, P.R. China 110179
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