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Products Subject to 3C Certification

In China, all products involving human health and safety, animal and plant health and safety, as well as environmental protection and public security, are subject to a unified mandatory product certification system known as China Compulsory Certification (CCC or 3C certification), which came into effect since 1 May 2002.

The Regulations on the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification, Measures for the Administration of Compulsory Product Certification Mark, and Notice on Problems in Implementing Compulsory Product Certification set out unified provisions on the legal basis of compulsory product certification, the scope of products subject to CCC certification, the use of CCC mark, and the supervision and management over CCC. All products listed in the CCC catalogue must pass the certification carried out by authorised certification bodies designated by the state and can only leave the factory, be imported, sold and used at business venues upon meeting the statutory quality standard and obtaining the relevant certificate and CCC mark.

(a)  CCC Catalogue

In the Catalogue of Descriptions and Table of Definitions for Compulsory Product Certification (2014 Revision) (Announcement No.45 [2014]) issued by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), a total of 158 products under 20 categories are subject to CCC certification. According to the Decision on Amending the Catalogue of Industrial Products Subject to Production Licence and Streamlining the Examination and Approval Procedures on a Pilot Basis issued on 29 June 2017, electric blanket, moped (electric bike) and motorcycle helmet have been listed in the 3C certification catalogue.

China Compulsory Certification Catalogue

1.Electric wire and cable (4 items)
1. Cord sets  2. Wires and cables for rolling stock of AC rated voltage up to 3kV  3. Rubber insulated wires and cables of rated voltage up to 450/750V  4. PVC insulated wires and cables of rated voltage up to 450/750V
2.Circuit Switch and Electric Device for Protection or Connection (6 items)
1. Plug and socket (for household, industrial and similar purposes)  2. Switch of fixed electrical devices for household and similar purposes  3. Appliance coupler for household and similar general purposes  4. Thermal fuse  5. Accessory enclosure of fixed electrical device and electrical appliance for household and similar purposes  6. Cartridge fuse-link of miniature fuse
3.Low-voltage Electrical Apparatus (8 items)
1. Electric leakage protector  2. Circuit breaker (including RCCB, RCBO, MCB)  3. Fuse  4. Low-voltage switch (isolator, disconnector switch, fuse combination unit)  5. Other circuit protection devices (current limiter, circuit protector, overcurrent protector, thermal protector, overload relay, low-voltage electromechanical contactor, motor starter)  6. Relay (36V < voltage ≤ 1000V)  7. Other switches  8. Other devices (contactor, motor starter, indicating light, auxiliary contact assemblies, master controller, AC semiconductor motor controller and starter)  9. Complete set of low-voltage switchgear assemblies
4.Low-power Motor (1 item)
Mini-watt motor
5.Electric Tool (16 items)
1. Electric drill (including impact drill)  2. Electric screwdriver and impact wrench  3. Electric grinder  4. Sander  5. Circular saw  6. Electric hammer (including electric pickaxe)  7. Non-flammable liquid electric spray gun  8. Electric shears (including double-edged electric scissors, electric impact scissors)  9. Electric tapping machine  10. Reciprocating saw (including jigsaw, saber saw)  11. Plug-in concrete vibrator  12. Electric chain saw  13. Electric planer  14. Electric hedge trimmer and electric grass shears  15. Electric router and edge trimmer  16. Electric stone cutter
6.Electric Welding Machine (15 items)
1. Portable AC arc welding machine  2. AC arc welding machine  3. DC arc welding machine  4. TIG welding machine  5. MIG/MAG welding machine  6. Submerged arc welding machine  7. Plasma arc cutting machine  8. Plasma arc welding machine  9. Electric shock protective device for arc welding transformer  10. Electric welding pliers  11. Coupling device for welding cables  12. Resistance welding machine  13. TIG welding torch  14. MIG/MAG welding gun  15. Wire feeder for welder
7.Household and Similar Electrical Appliances (19 items)
1. Household refrigerator and freezer  2. Electric fan  3. Air-conditioner  4. Motor-compressor  5. Household washing machine  6. Electric water heater  7. Room heater  8. Vacuum cleaner  9. Skin and hair care appliance  10. Electric iron  11. Induction cooker  12. Electric oven (portable roaster, toaster and similar cooking appliances)  13. Electric food processing appliance (food processor, food preparation machine)  14. Microwave oven  15. Electric range, hob, oven and similar appliances (stationary electric oven, stationary grill and similar cooking appliances)  16. Range hood  17. Liquid heater and hot/cold water dispenser  18. Electric rice cooker  19. Electric blanket, electric heating pad and similar soft heating devices
8.Audio and Video Apparatus (not including broadcast-grade hi-fi equipment used by radio and TV broadcast stations) (12 items)
1. Active loudspeaker system of single speaker and multiple speakers with a total output power not exceeding 500W (effective value)  2. Audio power amplifier  3. Tuned radio receiver  4. Audi/video recording, playing and processing devices in various carrier formats (including DVD, tape and hard disc)  5. Combination of the above four apparatuses 6. Power adapter (including charger/discharger) for audio/video equipment  7. Colour TV receiver of various display types  8. Monitor  9. Picture/display tube  10. Video recorder  11. Electronic organ  12. Antenna amplifier
9.Information Technology Equipment (11 items)
1. Personal computer  2. Portable personal computer  3. Display unit connecting with computer  4. Printer connecting with computer  5. Multi-purpose printer and copier  6. Scanner  7. Built-in battery, adapter and charger for computer  8. Computer game player  9. Learning machine  10. Copier  11. Server
10.Lighting Apparatus (not including light source) (2 items)
1. Lamp  2. Electrical ballast
11.Motor Vehicle and Safety Accessories (17 items)
1. Motor vehicle  2. Motorcycle  3. Fire engine  4. Motorcycle engine  5. Vehicle safety belt  6. Vehicle horn  7. Vehicle retro-reflector  8. Vehicle brake hose  9. Vehicle exterior lighting and light signal device (lighting for vehicle and motorcycle)  10. Vehicle rearview mirror (rearview mirror for vehicle and motorcycle)  11. Vehicle interior accessories  12. Vehicle door lock and door retention component  13. Vehicle fuel tank  14. Vehicle seat and headrest  15. Vehicle reflective logo  16. Vehicle tachograph   17. Motorcycle helmet
12.Motor Vehicle Tyre (not including refurnished tyre, tyre designed specifically for racing) (3 items)
1. Passenger car tyre  2. Truck tyre  3. Motorcycle tyre
13.Safety Glass (3 items)
1. Safety glass for motor vehicle  2. Safety glass for construction  3. Safety glass for railroad vehicle
14.Agricultural Machinery (2 items)
1. Machinery for crop protection  2. Wheel tractor
15.Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (9 items)
1. Modem (including card)  2. Fax machine  3. Landline telephone terminal and handset accessories  4. Cordless telephone terminal  5. Group telephone system  6. Mobile user terminal  7. ISDN terminal  8 Data terminal (including card)  9. Multimedia terminal
16.Fire Fighting Equipment (16 items)
1. Fire alarm equipment  2. Fire hose  3. Sprinkler  4. Extinguishing agent  5. Fire-resistant building components  6. Foam fire extinguisher  7. Fire-fighting equipment  8. Fire prevention and protection equipment  9. Fire extinguisher  10. Water supply equipment for fire-fighting  11. Gaseous fire extinguisher  12. Dry powder fire extinguisher  13. Smoke prevention and smoke discharge equipment  14. Fire safety products  15. Fire-fighting communications equipment  16. Fire-fighting communications equipment
17.Safety Protection Product (5 items)
1. Intrusion detector  2. Burglar alarm controller  3. Burglar alarm system for vehicles  4. Theft-proof safe  5. Theft-proof coffer
18.Wireless LAN Product (1 item)
Wireless LAN product
19.Decoration Product (3 items)
1. Solvent paint for woodenware 2. Ceramic tile  3. Concrete antifreeze
20.Children’s Product (6 items)
1. Children’s car  2. Electric toy  3. Plastic toy  4. Metal toy  5. Catapulting toy  6. Baby toy
21.Motor Vehicle Child Occupant Restraint System (1 item)
Motor vehicle child occupant restraint system


(b)  CCC Mark

Products listed in the catalogue are subject to compulsory safety certification and a unified CCC mark applies to all these products. Currently, there are four versions of the CCC mark, each of which has five different sizes.

Chart: CCC mark
Chart: CCC mark


(c)  Certification Organisations, Procedures and Fees

China implements unified charge items and fee charging standards for all products subject to CCC certification. The charge items and fee charging standards currently in force are set with reference to those adopted by certification organisations of the same kind in foreign countries and the national treatment principle applies.

CNCA is the organ authorised by the State Council to take charge of CCC certification across the country. The actual work of CCC certification is carried out by certification bodies designated by CNCA.

While the business specialty of CCC certification of different certification centres varies, the certification processes are basically the same, including the following:

  • Acceptance of application for CCC certification;
  • Type test;
  • Factory inspection;
  • Random check;
  • Assessing and approving certification results;
  • Post-certification supervision.
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