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Enquiry: What Are the Points to Note for Foreign Companies Marketing their Products in China?

Photo: Foreign products market in China
Photo: Foreign products market in China

According to Article 6 of the Measures for Penalties Against Infringement of Consumer Rights and Interests, when business operators supply products or services to consumers, the information given must be true, thorough and accurate and may not involve any of the false or misleading promotional activities listed below:

1. Supplying products or services with a false name or marking;

2. Selling products or services using false or misleading product description, product standard, or samples;

3. On-site instruction and demonstration containing false or misleading content;

4. Deceiving or misleading consumers by fabricating transactions, making false claims about the transaction volume, making false comments or paying people to make false purchases;

5. Selling products or services by making false claims of offering “clearance price”, “rock bottom price”, “lowest price”, “discounted price” or other deceptive prices;

6. Selling products or services by making false claims such as “sale with prizes”, “sale with return of payment”, “sale with trial period”;

7. Selling “substandard”, “defective” or “below-grade” products by fraudulently claiming that they are quality products;

8. Exaggerating or concealing information which is important to consumers, such as the quantity, quality and features of the product or service, with the intention of misleading consumers;

9. Using other false or misleading ways of promotion to mislead consumers.

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