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Online CBA: How to Apply for Hygiene Licences for the Import of Products Related to Drinking Water?

Photo: Drinking water
Photo: Drinking water

Q: How to Apply for Hygiene Licences for the Import of Products Related to Drinking Water?

A: All initial applications for such health licences, as well as applications for extension, modification and replacement of existing licences are handled by the National Centre for Health Inspection and Supervision under the National Health and Family Planning Commission.  

Materials required for initial applications:

1. Application form for the hygiene licence for importing hygienic and safe drinking water-related products;

2. Information on the materials and formulae used for the products;

3. Quality standard for the products;

4. Testing report issued by a testing authority recognised by the health authorities (together with the testing application form, acceptance notification for testing application and product descriptions);

5. Product labels;

6. Draft of product descriptions;

7. Hygiene and safety certificates of the main materials in the products that come into contact with the drinking water and materials which may cause bodily harm (referring to hygiene licences or testing reports from accredited testing institutions);   

8. Documents issued by the producing country (or region) certifying the permission for production and sale of the products;

9. If the application is filed by an authorised agent, proof to that effect must be presented;  

10. Other materials which may assist in the assessment.

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