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Online CBA: How to Apply for the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) Certificate of Origin (Form E) in China?

Photo: export goods
Photo: export goods

Q: How to Apply for the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) Certificate of Origin (Form E) in China?

A: Here are the two major application procedures for the China-ASEAN FTA Certificate of Origin (Form E):

1. Registration

Consignors of export goods within the territory of China must first complete registration with the inspection and quarantine authorities (hereinafter referred to as the certificate-issuing authorities) before applying for the Certificate of Origin. Applicants should submit the following documents when applying for registration:

a) Registration of Certificate of Origin in duplicate;

b) Copy of valid business licence;

c) Copy of valid Record Filing Registration Form for Foreign Trade Operators or Certificate of Approval for Establishment of Enterprises with Foreign Investment;

d) Copy of the company's valid Organisation Code Certificate;

e) Details of Production Cost of the goods; and

f) Other documents required by the inspection and quarantine authorities.

The certificate-issuing authorities will process the registration of eligible applicants after verifying and examining the above documents.

2. Certificate application

Applicants have to submit the following documents to the certificate-issuing authorities prior to shipment:

a) Application Form for Certificate of Origin;

b) Duly completed Certificate of Origin;

c) Copy of commercial invoice for the export goods;

d) Details of Production Cost for goods with non-originating inputs or goods deemed necessary by the certificate-issuing authorities to have the authenticity of the product origin verified;

e) Customs Declaration Form and bill of lading or waybill must be submitted for a certificate to be issued retroactively; and

f) Other proofs deemed necessary by the certificate-issuing authorities.

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