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Online CBA: What are the Procedures of Applying for Soybean Automatic Import Licence in China?

Photo: Soybean
Photo: Soybean

Q: What are the Procedures of Applying for Soybean Automatic Import Licence in China?

A: According to China’s current regulations, soybean is a commodity that comes under the management of automatic import licensing. As such, an automatic import licence must be obtained. Enterprises concerned may apply for the licence at the provincial department of commerce licence service centre.

The requirements and procedures of applying for automatic import licence in accordance with the Administrative Measures for Automatic Import Licensing for Goods are as follows:

Documents required for application:

1. Certificate of qualification for import-export business, filing registration form or foreign-invested enterprise approval certificate (applicable to first-time applicants only)

2. Automatic import licence or major industrial products automatic import licence registration form and application form (for written application and online application)

3. Goods import contract (original copy and photocopy)

4. For import conducted through an agent, an agency import agreement should be submitted (original copy and photocopy)

5. Where specific provisions in laws and regulations governing the purpose or end user of the import goods apply, documents proving that the purpose or end user of the import goods meets national regulations should be submitted.

6. Documents required for specific commodities

7. Other documents as specified by the Ministry of Commerce

Processing procedures:

1. The provincial department of commerce licensing service centre is responsible for processing the written and online application documents submitted by enterprises

2. The centre verifies the application documents and forwards them to the relevant department for preliminary examination by the person-in-charge, after which the documents would be submitted to the leadership of the department (office) for review and signing

3. The centre will have the licence printed out following the examination, signing and comments of the relevant department (office)

4. The applicant will pay the necessary fee and collect the licence

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