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Chinese Consumers Go Bespoke (3): The Technology-Led Apparel Sector

3 April 2019

Tailor-made clothing was the most popular bespoke product category in China. “Our company strives to offer premium clothing to address the specific needs of customers by harnessing more new technology...Read More


Chinese Consumers Go Bespoke (2): Custom Furniture Offers Space Solutions

20 March 2019

The higher the household income, the higher the proportion of Chinese consumers have purchased bespoke products, with the portion of those having ordered custom furniture reached 52%. Sam Ke, presiden...Read More


Chinese Consumers Go Bespoke (1): Team Sportswear an Expression of Core Values

27 Feb 2019

Growing numbers of Chinese middle-class consumers are choosing custom-made products as their lifestyles improve. Yansu’s founder Mason Mai shares about the preferences of mainland consumers for bespok...Read More


China’s Catering Market (3): New Online Promotional Strategies

6 Dec 2018

According to a recent survey of the mainland catering market, conducted by HKTDC Research, favorable online reviews frequently motivate consumers to visit particular restaurants. For many mainland con...Read More


China’s Catering Market (2): Online Food Ordering and Delivery Preferences

29 Nov 2018

The size of the “internet + catering” market has grown rapidly on the mainland, with online-to-offline (O2O) food sales rising 29.5% between 2015 and 2016 to reach RMB209.2 billion. According to the f...Read More


China’s Catering Market (1): Consumption Upgrading Trends

22 Nov 2018

Restaurants with special themes and those offering unique consumer experiences have become one of the major attractions offered by retail districts and shopping malls looking to bring in more consumer...Read More


China’s Catering Sector (3): How Diversification Helped Guangzhou Restaurants Breakthrough

15 Nov 2018

Established in 1995, the Guangzhou Restaurant and Catering Association is the most influential catering industry association in Guangzhou. It has served as a bridge between government and business ope...Read More


China’s Catering Sector (2): We-Media for Restaurant Business Operators

8 Nov 2018

Established in 2013, as a new online platform focusing on the catering sector, Canyin Laoban Neican (www.watcn.com) provides industry news and information as well as management services to business ow...Read More


China’s Beauty Services Market (4): The Promising Male Sector podcast

24 Oct 2018

As Chinese society becomes more open, male beauty services are in demand. Focus group discussions conducted by HKTDC show that the consumption habits of male consumers are similar to those of their fe...Read More


China’s Beauty Services Market (3): Changing Consumer Preferences podcast

18 Oct 2018

As income increased, mainland consumers demanded for better quality beauty services. A series of focus group discussions conducted by HKTDC discovered marked changes in the consumption habits of middl...Read More


China’s Beauty Services Market (2): Evolving Consumer Attitudes podcast

12 Oct 2018

In a series of focus group discussions commissioned by HKTDC, a number of significant changes to consumer attitudes were detected with regards to the beauty services market. Critically, beauty is no l...Read More


China’s Beauty Services Market (1): Looks Increasingly Matter podcast

5 Oct 2018

In view of the keen demand for beauty services on the mainland, HKTDC conducted focus group discussions in three main cities to assess how the attitudes and consumer preferences for beauty services ha...Read More


Latest Trends in China’s Everyday Beauty Market

24 Sept 2018

Having over 30 years of experience, La Spa in Guangzhou is positioned in the everyday beauty services sector of the industry. It runs four directly-operated stores, mainly providing four types of serv...Read More


China’s Beauty Market: New Era, New Thinking

5 Sept 2018

With the beauty market in China evolving at a rapid speed, companies have had to revise their operational models in order to stay viable. The Guangzhou-based group Heji Yiyan, founded in 2014, has res...Read More


China’s Catering Sector (1): Reengineering Business Strategies in an Ever More Competitive Market

29 Aug 2018

Shenzhen Jiajia Changsha Rice Noodles currently has over 30 self-operated and franchised restaurants in Shenzhen and is spreading to other markets in the Pearl River Delta region. Jiajia operates its ...Read More


China’s Evolving Beauty Market: The View from a Beauty Salon

15 Aug 2018

Having witnessed rapid market changes over the past decade, beauty salon manager Fan Xiaolan shares with HKTDC Research her experience and insights on the latest market trends from the perspective of ...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Consumer Dairy Product Preferences

4 May 2018

Respondents to a recent HKTDC Research survey on the mainland packaged food market had bought an average of 3.37 types of dairy products in the last three. The market for ultra-high temperature proces...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Consumer Snack Preferences

2 May 2018

Respondents in the recent HKTDC Research survey on the mainland packaged food market had bought an average of 6.14 types of snacks in the three months preceding the survey. That’s a significant increa...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Consumer Convenience Food Preferences

27 April 2018

Respondents in the recent HKTDC Research survey on the mainland had bought on average 4.77 types of convenience food in the three months preceding the survey. Frozen desserts appear to be the most pop...Read More


China’s Packaged Food Market: Consumer Seasoning Preferences

24 April 2018

A survey conducted by HKTDC Research on the mainland packaged food market shows that respondents bought an average of 3.44 types of seasonings in the preceding six months, a big jump from the 2.12 fou...Read More

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