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Tapping China’s Leisure Food Market

22 Nov 2017

“In the mainland leisure food market, vegetable and fruit chips are new snack varieties. We hope to do a good and big job in this emerging market and capture the top position in consumers’ hearts.” In...Read More


Cashing In on China’s Upgraded Food and Wine Preferences

15 Nov 2017

“As consumption upgrades, market opportunities emerge for lifestyle stores specialised in imported products. At the same time, as mainland consumers become better informed, they are also more discerni...Read More


Baby and Child Products in China: Toy Purchase Patterns and Preferences

2 Nov 2017

HKTDC conducted a survey on the Chinese market for baby and child products. The survey results show that mainland parents spend RMB343 a month on toys on average. 90% of respondents had bought educati...Read More


Baby and Child Products in China: Clothing and Accessories Purchase Patterns and Preferences

26 Oct 2017

HKTDC conducted a survey on the Chinese market for baby and child products. The survey results show that mainland parents spend RMB524 a month on baby and child clothing and accessories on average. Th...Read More


Baby and Child Products in China: Food Purchase Patterns and Preferences

18 Oct 2017

HKTDC conducted a survey on the Chinese market for baby and child products. The survey results show that mainland parents spend RMB826 a month on baby and child food on average. When choosing baby and...Read More


Baby and Child Products in China: Safety and Quality Prove Paramount Concerns

12 Oct 2017

HKTDC conducted a survey on the Chinese market for baby and child products. The survey shows that over 90% of the respondents say they are always mindful of publicity and reports on the safety of baby...Read More


Tapping into China’s Eco-friendly Tea Products Market

27 Sept 2017

In the wake of skyrocketing economic growth, Chinese people are enjoying a better quality of life and have become more health conscious. TKA Holdings (HK) Ltd specialises in the development of deep-pr...Read More


Green Printing Set to Dominate the China Market

20 Sept 2017

Printers and copiers are essential equipment for homes as well as offices. Green printing is becoming the underlying trend in the mainland printer market as people have growing awareness of environmen...Read More


Huge Market Potential for Air Purifiers in China

13 Sept 2017

In view of serious smog problems, China is paying increasing attention to air quality. Xiang Yong, a Sales Engineer with AAVI China, believes that as people have higher awareness of environmental prot...Read More


China’s Baby Products: How Franchising Enabled One Shanghai Company to Develop Private Brands

6 Sept 2017

Shanghai-based Yunyinglian operates more than 3,000 Alaxiaoyou mother-and-baby franchised stores. It has also developed a number of private labels for assorted mother and baby products. In 2017, it op...Read More


China’s Baby Products: How M-commerce is Driving Change in the Childrenswear Retail Market

30 Aug 2017

In 2016, mainland retail and logistics giant Bailian Group launched iBailian, an omni-channel e-commerce platform. In addition, it also tapped into the mobile commerce (m-commerce) channel with mobile...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: 2017 Survey Summary and Recommendations podcast

23 Aug 2017

This survey tries to track and understand the preferences and spending patterns of China’s middle-class consumers. It also explores the impact China’s 13th Five-Year Plan is having on middle-class con...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Attitudes towards Green Consumption podcast

16 Aug 2017

In a survey conducted by the HKTDC, 71% of china’s middle-class had been spending more on green products in the past year. While 73% of the respondents claimed that their greater expenditure on green ...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Lifestyle and Spending Patterns of Post-80s Generation podcast

11 Aug 2017

According to HKTDC survey, the post-80s generation in China is more confident and optimistic about their future income and spending than older generations. They buy high-tech and new investment produc...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Online Shopping Habits podcast

2 Aug 2017

HKTDC survey shows that Chinese middle class consumers shop online about 5.25 times a month on average. Smartphone apps are used to place orders online much more than computer browsers. 53% of the res...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Attitudes towards Service Consumption podcast

26 July 2017

According to HKTDC survey, consumption of leisure, entertainment and sports services by middle-class consumers in China grew rapidly. Meanwhile, demand for training in lifestyle interest pursuits and ...Read More


China’s Middle-Class Consumers: Preferences and Spending Trends podcast

18 July 2017

According to HKTDC survey, 81% of the mainland middle-class consumers expect their income to continue to increase in the coming two to three years. Taking regular exercise and eating western food have...Read More


Marketing Maternity and Baby Goods on WeChat

12 July 2017

Recently, many e-commerce businesses have been actively developing mobile marketing apps. Gloctech Pty Ltd. has established Ma Ma Lian Meng and Oct Momy on WeChat to sell goods and to target different...Read More


Characteristics of the Children’s Goods Market in Western China

5 July 2017

Sichuan Rong Sheng Da Business is a provincial-level agent in the Sichuan-Tibet-Chongqing region. The company currently sells more than 80 medium-to-high-end baby and children’s goods brands. Besides ...Read More


China’s Baby Products: Using Brand Strategy to Target Different Segments of the Childrenswear Market

27 June 2017

As average personal spending levels have gone up in China, there has been a corresponding demand from parents for a more diverse and high-quality choice of clothing for their children. In this intervi...Read More

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