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Commerce Ministry Announces New Opening Up Policies for Hainan

8 Jan 2020

The Ministry of Commerce and 17 other government departments have recently jointly issued the Circular on the Trial Implementation in the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone of Policies Already Appli...Read More


Nansha Subsidises Young Hong Kong and Macao Job-Seekers and Entrepreneurs

24 Dec 2019

The Nansha Area of Guangzhou recently announced a raft of subsidies and rewards for young job-seekers and entrepreneurs. The measures will be implemented on a trial basis until 18 October 2020 and are...Read More


Shanghai FTZ Waives Statutory Visa Requirements for In-Demand Overseas Staff

2 Dec 2019

In addition to its recent move to attract more highly-skilled domestic personnel, the Lingang Special Area – part of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone – has also adopted a number of measures designed...Read More


Shanghai FTZ Looks to Lure Essential Domestic Personnel with Residency Incentives

2 Dec 2019

The Lingang Special Area of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone has recently announced a raft of preferential policies designed to incentivise experienced mainland personnel to relocate and accept empl...Read More


China Announces Sites and Priorities for Six Further Pilot Free Trade Zones

4 Sept 2019

China has designated six provinces / autonomous regions as sites for additional Pilot Free Trade Zones (FTZs) – Shandong, Jiangsu, Guangxi, Hebei, Yunnan and Heilongjiang....Read More


China to Separate Business Licences and Operation Permits in all FTZs

30 Aug 2019

The policy of separating business licences and operation permits is to be implemented in all the country’s Pilot Free Trade Zones as of 1 December this year. At the same time, efforts are to be made t...Read More


Enlargement of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Confirmed

14 Aug 2019

The State Council announced on 6 August a number of priorities relating to the establishment of the Lingang New Area as an extension to the existing Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ), including the deliv...Read More


Hainan Unveils Free Trade Zone Facilitation Measures

13 Aug 2019

The Action Plan of Hainan Province for Optimising the Business Environment (2019-2020) has now been issued by the Hainan Provincial People’s Government. This new policy document outlines a number of m...Read More


Shenzhen Facilitates Further Opening of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone

13 Aug 2019

The Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government has issued the Work Plan on Several Measures for Supporting Reform and Innovation in the Pilot Free Trade Zone, a blueprint for deepening reform and promotin...Read More


China Announces New Supportive Measures for Visa and Work Permit Applications

7 Aug 2019

The Immigration and entry / exit procedures, as well as a number of new visa arrangements, trialled in the country’s Pilot Free Trade Zones have now been implemented on a national basis....Read More


China Announces Liberalised Entry-Exit Regime for Hainan Free Trade Zone

23 July 2019

Details of the new immigration, entry-exit and transport management procedures that will apply to Hainan as it evolves into a Free Trade Zone (Port) have been released by the Ministry of Public Securi...Read More


China Cuts Foreign Investment Restrictions

17 July 2019

The number of sectors where foreign investment is restricted has been reduced from 48 to 40 on a national basis and from 45 to 37 in the case of businesses operating within one of the mainland’s Pilot...Read More


Guangdong to Implement Free Trade Zone Lessons on Province-Wide Basis

28 June 2019

The lessons learnt from the success of the China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone are to be put into practice across the province, according to a statement from the Guangdong People’s Government....Read More


Hainan Free Trade Zone (3): The Burgeoning Medical Tourism Sector video

10 April 2019

With Hainan Island being established as a free trade zone (FTZ), the provincial government is putting a lot of effort into developing the island’s tourism industry, including medical tourism. In Novem...Read More


Hainan Free Trade Zone (2): Preferential Policies and Business Opportunities video

27 March 2019

The Hainan Free Trade Zone (FTZ) is expected to play a major role in the Chinese government’s development strategy. To facilitate this, the central government has set up a top-level body to shape and ...Read More


Hainan Free Trade Zone (1): Background and Positioning video

6 March 2019

The Overall Plan of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) was released by the State Council on 16 October 2018, setting out the specific proposals for Hainan FTZ’s development. With building ...Read More


China Unveils Blueprint for FTZ Transformation of Hainan Island

31 Oct 2018

Further details of plans to transform the whole of Hainan Island into China’s newest Free Trade Zone (FTZ) have been released by the State Council....Read More


Streamlined Cosmetics Import Procedures Trialled in Qianhai-Shekou Area

15 Oct 2018

The Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration recently announced that, with immediate effect, non-special-use cosmetics entering the country via the Shenzhen Qianhai-Shekou Area of the Guangdo...Read More


Shanghai Clarifies Applicability of Cross-Border Trade in Services’ Negative List

15 Oct 2018

Shanghai recently issued two policy documents intended to clarify the role of the Negative List with regard to the cross-border trade in services, with a particular focus on its implications for the o...Read More


Guangdong Scraps Approvals for Cross-Location Drug Advertising and Radiopharmaceutical Use

26 Sept 2018

The Food and Drug Administration of Guangdong Province will no longer be accepting applications relating to either the cross-location filing of drug advertisements or licences for the use of radiophar...Read More

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