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Approval process for establishing Chinese-foreign publishing JVs

16 June 2014

Foreign publishers wishing to carry out publishing activities in the China market are required to team up with qualified Chinese counterparts in the form of a Chinese-foreign co-operative joint ventur...Read More


Rules on registration of pet food importation

27 March 2014

Keeping pets has become something of a vogue in China as living standards improve, and this has fuelled demand for imported pet food. However, it is necessary to seek approval from and complete regist...Read More


Labyrinthine Regulatory Map for Medical Firms

7 March 2014

Following deepening medical reforms, China has been importing large quantities of medical equipment and apparatuses in recent years. However, Hong Kong-based and foreign companies still face major obs...Read More


Clearer rules give Hong Kong franchisers a Mainland headwind

6 March 2014

With the Regulations for the Administration of Commercial Franchise regulations coming into play, Hong Kong franchisers have a clearer route on the Chinese mainland. But they’re advised to sharpen up ...Read More


Environment protection and hygiene are catering's cardinal rules

5 March 2014

The catering industry inevitably reflects concerns over health and food safety, as well as environment protection. There’s a strict licensing system for the industry under Chinese law. Operators have ...Read More


Environmentally upright, and proving it

4 March 2014

China’s environmental labelling helps consumers identify which products to choose when they want to buy “green”. It’s a labelling process that’s rolling out – to products in advertising, trade fairs, ...Read More


Green food: complying with China's organic requirements

11 Feb 2014

Food that’s unpolluted, safe, nutritious and good in quality – and produced by methods of sustainable development – can carry the green food logo upon authentication by the China Green Food Developmen...Read More


Registering imported health foods consigned to the Mainland

10 Feb 2014

China has a registration system for all health food products. Applications for registration are examined and approved by the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) according to statutory procedures...Read More


Selling toys in China: an importer's guide

7 Feb 2014

Toys listed in China’s catalogue for compulsory product certification that have not been certified or don’t carry the certification mark won’t be allowed to leave the factory, let alone be put on sale...Read More


Foreign investment in mainland bookstores: the new requirements

27 Jan 2014

China allows foreign firms, economic organisations and individuals to invest in equity joint ventures, contractual joint ventures, or wholly-owned enterprises to distribute books, newspapers and perio...Read More


Investing in China's alcohol distribution enterprises

24 Jan 2014

As living standards on the Mainland continue to rise, the demand for wine in China has soared. The market potential for setting up wine wholesaling and retailing companies on the Mainland is huge. Tho...Read More


New registration system for imported software

23 Jan 2014

The IT software market on the Chinese mainland has experienced double-digit growth on an annual basis while the product range has continued to expand. There's enormous growth potential....Read More


Barcode compliance in China retail sector

22 Jan 2014

For companies intending to break into the Mainland market, top-tier department stores are effective channels to promote brand names and boost sales. These are venues where barcodes are needed – and co...Read More


Health registration for the meat trade

21 Jan 2014

To ensure health and safety of imported food across the country, China implements a registration system for production, processing and to accommodate storage enterprises overseas....Read More

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