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Enquiry: When setting up a mainland-based business, how should a Hong Kong-based company (or individual) obtain the “registration number”?

15 Aug 2018

When setting up a mainland business, an application for registration should be made to the relevant market regulation department....Read More


Enquiry: Following the institutional reforms implemented by the State Council this year, what have been the major changes in terms of the responsibilities of China’s various government departments?

8 Aug 2018

The State Council Institutional Reform Plan, as adopted in March this year during the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress, saw the various departments constituting the State Council (...Read More


Enquiry: Can Hong Kong Companies Provide Medical Services on the Mainland?

1 Aug 2018

Under the terms of the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), Hong Kong service suppliers meeting the stipulated requirements may establish medical institutions on the ...Read More


Enquiry: What Have Been the Most Recent Changes to China’s VAT Regime?

25 July 2018

A: As of 1 May this year, the 17% and 11% VAT rates previously applicable to the supply of certain goods and services were reduced to 16% and 10% respectively....Read More


Enquiry: Do Newly-Established Enterprises and Individually-Owned Businesses Have to Register Separately for Tax Purposes?

18 July 2018

Following the Chinese government’s introduction of the All-in-One Licence (Complete with Unified Code) as part of its recent commercial reforms, the market regulation administration department (previo...Read More


Enquiry: Following the Implementation of the State Council’s Recent Institutional Reforms, which Government Department is Now Responsible for Registering New Businesses?

11 July 2018

In line with the formal adoption of the State Council’s institutional reform plan in March this year, the responsibilities and remit of several government bodies have been somewhat overhauled....Read More


Enquiry: Can Hong Kong Investors Set Up Elderly Care Facilities in Guangdong?

4 July 2018

In a move intended to reform the local elderly care services sector, Guangdong’s Provincial Government recently set about making it easier for external investors to enter the market....Read More


Enquiry: How Should a Mainland-Based Business or Individual Process Foreign Exchange Payments and Receipts Related to Trade in Services?

27 June 2018

According to the Guidelines for the Foreign Exchange Administration of Trade in Services and the ancillary Detailed Rules for Implementation, mainland-based businesses and individuals are legally-obli...Read More


Enquiry: Are Goods Imported Via Cross-Border E-Commerce Channels Exempt from Customs Duty?

20 June 2018

Under the tax policy on cross-border e-commerce retail imports introduced on 8 April 2016, all such goods imports are liable for customs duty, import VAT and consumption tax....Read More


Enquiry: Which Foreign Exchange Regulations does a Business Need to Comply with when Initiating Foreign Exchange Receipts and Payments Related to Trade in Goods Via a Bank?

13 June 2018

In line with the Guidelines for the Foreign Exchange Administration of Trade in Goods, any such business must first secure a listing in the Directory of Enterprises with Foreign Exchange Payments and ...Read More


Enquiry: What is the tax due on items posted to the mainland?

6 June 2018

Inbound postal items for personal use in reasonable quantities are subject to a personal postal articles tax. This tax integrates customs duty, import VAT and consumption tax, but is generally lower t...Read More


Enquiry: How can an import/export company secure approval to issue customs declarations and ensure it conforms to all inspection/quarantine requirements?

30 May 2018

As of 20 April this year, in line with the latest directive from the General Administration of Customs, a business will be entitled to issue a consolidated customs and inspection/quarantine declaratio...Read More


Enquiry: What is the difference between the business licence as previously issued by the Industry and Commerce Administration Department and the new all-in-one licence with a unified code?

23 May 2018

When establishing a company or an individually-owned business on the mainland, it is first necessary to register with the government....Read More


Enquiry: How should a non-mainland resident apply to establish an individually-owned business in China?

16 May 2018

Under the terms of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), permanent residents of Hong Kong or Macau may establish individually-owned businesses on the mainland without having to seek prio...Read More


Enquiry: Is it necessary to pay a fee should an inspection or a quarantine procedure be required when goods are imported to China?

9 May 2018

Entry/exit inspection and quarantine charges were suspended from 1 July 2017 onwards, freeing all importers from the obligation to pay any such fees....Read More


Enquiry: What are the Preferential Measures Available to Investors in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone?

2 May 2018

A comprehensive list of the preferential measures available to investors in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) can be found as part of the recently-circulated 20 Measures of the Shanghai Pudong ...Read More


Enquiry: How Much Does It Cost to Register an Enterprise or an Individually-Owned Business in China?

25 April 2018

On 1 January 2015, the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly suspended the registration fees applicable to the incorporation of commercial enterprises or indiv...Read More


Enquiry: What is the current minimum registered capital requirement in the case of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs)?

18 April 2018

In 2013, the State Council scrapped the registered capital registration system in the case of both domestic and overseas businesses....Read More


Enquiry: What are the options when it comes to choosing a website domain name in China?

11 April 2018

As of 2 March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry (MIIT) introduced a number of changes to the Chinese internet domain name system (DNS) hierarchy....Read More


Enquiry: What are the required procedures for naming a new China-based business?

4 April 2018

Prior to establishing a business on the Chinese mainland, investors must first choose an appropriate company name. As an initial step, they should log on to the State Administration for Industry and C...Read More

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