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Enquiry: What is meant by the term “negative list” when used with regard to overseas investment in China’s Free Trade Zones?

22 Nov 2017

In this instance, the term “negative list” refers to those sectors within a designated Free Trade Zone where overseas investors do not qualify for the same privileges as a domestic investor, while als...Read More


Enquiry: What are the special requirements that apply when manufacturing, importing or operating outsized recreational equipment in China?

15 Nov 2017

In China, in accordance with the Special Equipment Safety Law, the Regulations on Safety Supervision of Special Equipment, and the Regulations on the Safety Supervision of Large Amusement Facilities, ...Read More


Enquiry: Apart from Shanghai, how many other Free Trade Zone operate in China and where are they based?

8 Nov 2017

Including Shanghai, there are now 11 Free Trade Zones currently in operation in China.........Read More


Enquiry: When Imported/Exported Goods are Returned, Can They Then Be Exempted from Customs Duties?

2 Nov 2017

In the case of exported goods returned intact to the mainland within a 12-month period on quality or specification grounds, the tax-liable entity or individual should submit the relevant bills, docume...Read More


Enquiry: Are Goods Imported for Display at Exhibitions or Trade Fairs Subject to Customs

26 Oct 2017

All goods granted temporary approval by the mainland customs authority to be imported for display at exhibitions/trade fairs are not subject to customs duties provided that the liable tax entity or in...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Rules or Conditions for Importing and Exporting Gold and Gold Products?

19 Oct 2017

Under China’s licensing system for the import and export of gold and gold products listed in the Catalogue of Gold and Gold Products Under Import and Export Control, a trader must submit to Customs th...Read More


Enquiry: Is It Possible to Incorporate a Mainland Foreign-invested Enterprise in Hong Kong?

12 Oct 2017

Hong Kong individuals or corporate investors wishing to apply for the incorporation of a foreign-invested enterprise in Guangdong may submit their application form and required documents to BOC (HK) t...Read More


Enquiry: What is China’s Current Stance on the Import of Solid Waste?

4 Oct 2017

The Chinese government has introduced environmental protection measures, including a complete ban on the import of plastic waste from living sources, unsorted scrap paper, waste textile materials and ...Read More


Enquiry: What Procedures Should a Foreign Enterprise Follow When Looking to Establish a Representative Office in China?

28 Sept 2017

In line with the Regulations on the Administration of the Registration of Resident Offices of Foreign Enterprises, a foreign enterprise can apply to have a representative office established within Chi...Read More


Enquiry: How Does a Foreign-invested Enterprise Get Official Approval in China?

21 Sept 2017

In order to establish a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) in China or to make changes to information filed relating to an existing FIE, it is first necessary to file a record via the Integrated Manage...Read More


Enquiry: How Should a Foreigner Apply for a China Work Permit?

14 Sept 2017

As of 1 April 2017, China standardised the application procedure for work permits for foreigners. In line with this, any foreigner wishing to come to China to work must first obtain the Notification L...Read More


Enquiry: When Promoting Goods or Services in China, What Rules Should Foreign Enterprises Abide by?

7 Sept 2017

When advertising as a means of promoting the sales of goods or services on the mainland, every individual, legal entity or other organisation responsible for the design, production or distribution of ...Read More


Enquiry: What is the Way to Secure High-tech Enterprise Status and Enjoy Preferential Income Tax Treatment?

31 Aug 2017

Any business is entitled to pay the reduced 15% rate of corporate income tax once it has been accorded high-tech enterprise status. According to the prevailing legislation, Administrative Measures for...Read More


Enquiry: How is it Possible to Ensure that Consignments Routed to the Mainland via Hong Kong Enjoy the Preferential Tariffs Specified under the Relevant Free Trade Agreements?

24 Aug 2017

Over recent years, China has been extremely proactive with regards to establishing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with a variety of different countries and regions. Under the terms of these agreements, ...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Requirements of the Incoming Environmental Protection Tax Law?

17 Aug 2017

China’s Environmental Protection Tax Law will come into force as of 1 January 2018. From that date onwards, any business or individual found to have discharged taxable pollutants into the environment ...Read More


Enquiry: What is the Difference between the Registration and Record-filing of Imported Health Foods?

3 Aug 2017

According to the Administrative Measures for the Registration and Record-Filing of Health Food issued by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), as from 1 July 2016, health foods produced domes...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Registration Procedures for Milk Powder Import?

27 July 2017

All imports of infant formula milk powder into China must apply for registration in accordance with the new regulations starting from 25 May 2017. Besides, the label of the product formula of infant f...Read More


Enquiry: Is Registration Required for the Selling of Drones? What are the Points to Note?

20 July 2017

Starting from 1 June 2017, manufacturers and owners of civil unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones) with a maximum takeoff weight of 250g or above are required to apply for real-name registration v...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Inspection and Quarantine Requirements for the Import of US Beef to China?

13 July 2017

China resumed the import of US beef on 20 June 2017. All beef of US origin imported to China must conform with specified inspection and quarantine requirements. The beef must be sourced from meat prod...Read More


Enquiry: Which Goods are Prohibited from Being Mailed to China?

6 July 2017

A number of goods/product categories have been designated as unacceptable for carriage by the mail service within China. These include arms, ammunition, explosives, coins, banknotes, counterfeit curre...Read More

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