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Enquiry: What is the current minimum registered capital requirement in the case of foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs)?

18 April 2018

In 2013, the State Council scrapped the registered capital registration system in the case of both domestic and overseas businesses....Read More


Enquiry: What are the options when it comes to choosing a website domain name in China?

11 April 2018

As of 2 March this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry (MIIT) introduced a number of changes to the Chinese internet domain name system (DNS) hierarchy....Read More


Enquiry: What are the required procedures for naming a new China-based business?

4 April 2018

Prior to establishing a business on the Chinese mainland, investors must first choose an appropriate company name. As an initial step, they should log on to the State Administration for Industry and C...Read More


Enquiry: What are the tax obligations relating to the profits and other income streams accruing to the overseas partner of a foreign-invested enterprise operating in China?

28 March 2018

Under normal circumstances, when a foreign investor remits any dividends and/or interest out of China, a 10% withholding income tax is levied....Read More


Enquiry: Which taxes apply to goods imported into China under general trade terms?

21 March 2018

Goods imported into the mainland under general trade terms are subject to import duty and import-related VAT as determined by the prevailing customs regime....Read More


Enquiry: When importing to or exporting from China, are there any licences required?

14 March 2018

As well as being subject to customs inspection and obliged to comply with PRC product specifications, certain goods can enter mainland China only with the appropriate import licence being secured....Read More


Enquiry: What are the Advantages of Importing Food Products or Cosmetics via China’s Pilot Free Trade Zones?

7 March 2018

The import and export facilitation measures on offer vary across the individual Pilot Free Trade Zones (FTZs), inevitably resulting in differences in overall customs processing times....Read More


Enquiry: Are Foreign-Funded Enterprises Operating in China Entitled to Import/Export Rights?

1 March 2018

Since joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO), China has made significant changes to its foreign trade arrangements....Read More


Enquiry: Is it possible to secure advance rulings regarding the customs status of imported/exported goods?

21 Feb 2018

According to the Interim Measures of the General Administration Customs (GAC) of the People’s Republic of China for the Administration of Advance Rulings, an importer/exporter may apply to the customs...Read More


Enquiry: How are the current Environmental Protection Tax rates assessed?

14 Feb 2018

Under the terms of the Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China, any enterprise that directly discharges taxable pollutants – including air pollutants, water pollutants, soli...Read More


Enquiry: Are China-based foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) obliged to convert foreign exchange investment capital into RMB?

7 Feb 2018

China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) requires all FIEs to convert all foreign exchange investment capital held under the capital account operation into RMB....Read More


Enquiry: What are the Tax Incentives on Offer for Investors in the Guangdong Free Trade Zone?

1 Feb 2018

All businesses based in the Hengqin New Area or the Shenzhen Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Co-operative Zone (which includes several sub-zones of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone) an...Read More


Enquiry: Can Those Who Learned Traditional Chinese Medicine Through an Apprenticeship Scheme Register to Practise on the Mainland?

24 Jan 2018

In line with the interim measures issued by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, any individual who has either studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as part of a master/apprentice ...Read More


Enquiry: When Importing Medical/Optical Devices to China, What are the Required Approval Procedures?

17 Jan 2018

According the current Medical Device Classification Catalogue – as well as its new edition which will come into effect on 1 August 2018 – all optical devices (including contact lenses), medical instru...Read More


Enquiry: Can the Non-China Party of a Foreign-invested Enterprise Remit Profits out of the Country in Renminbi?

10 Jan 2018

In line with Article 5 of the People's Republic of China’s Regulations on Foreign Exchange Control (State Council Order No.532), international receipts and payments made via a company’s current accoun...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Prior Customs Formalities that Individuals Dispatching or Receiving Imported/Exported Items are Obliged to Complete?

4 Jan 2018

Under the terms of the Administrative Provisions of the Customs of the People's Republic of China for the Registration of Declaration Entities, consignors [shippers] and consignees [recipients] of imp...Read More


Enquiry: When Importing Cosmetic Products, What are the Statutory Licensing and Inspection Procedures?

20 Dec 2017

Under the terms of the Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Regulations for Cosmetics Hygiene Supervision, administrative approval must be secured by overseas-based manufacturers of cosmetic produ...Read More


Enquiry: According to China’s Regulatory Requirements, which Goods are Subject to Statutory Entry-Exit Inspections and Quarantine Procedures?

13 Dec 2017

According to the country’s prevailing laws, items listed in the Catalogue of Import and Export Commodities Subject to Inspection and Quarantine by Entry-Exit Inspection Authorities may be inspected up...Read More


Enquiry: Do the CEPA Benefits Still Apply to Prospective Hong Kong Investments in Any of the Mainland’s Free Trade Zones?

6 Dec 2017

Any overseas business or individual considering investing in one or more of mainland China’s 11 Free Trade Zones (FTZs), including those currently operating in Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian,...Read More


Enquiry: Which products are obliged to obtain China Compulsory Certification (CCC) prior to being sold or distributed in China?

29 Nov 2017

At present, more than 150 products, including certain electrical equipment, automotive products and several toy categories must be CCC-verified before they can be sold in China....Read More

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