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Enquiry: Is It Possible to Incorporate a Mainland Foreign-invested Enterprise in Hong Kong?

12 Oct 2017

Hong Kong individuals or corporate investors wishing to apply for the incorporation of a foreign-invested enterprise in Guangdong may submit their application form and required documents to BOC (HK) t...Read More


Enquiry: What Procedures Should a Foreign Enterprise Follow When Looking to Establish a Representative Office in China?

28 Sept 2017

In line with the Regulations on the Administration of the Registration of Resident Offices of Foreign Enterprises, a foreign enterprise can apply to have a representative office established within Chi...Read More


Enquiry: How Does a Foreign-invested Enterprise Get Official Approval in China?

21 Sept 2017

In order to establish a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) in China or to make changes to information filed relating to an existing FIE, it is first necessary to file a record via the Integrated Manage...Read More


Enquiry: What is the Way to Secure High-tech Enterprise Status and Enjoy Preferential Income Tax Treatment?

31 Aug 2017

Any business is entitled to pay the reduced 15% rate of corporate income tax once it has been accorded high-tech enterprise status. According to the prevailing legislation, Administrative Measures for...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Qualifications of the Chief Representative of a Foreign Company’s Representative Office in China?

30 March 2017

During its operation period, a representative office may appoint one chief representative and a number of representatives, i.e. general representatives. In case of any personnel changes, the represent...Read More


Enquiry: What is the Registered Capital Registration System for Establishing Companies in China?

2 March 2017

Unless otherwise stated in provisions governing the registered paid-up capital of specific industries stipulated in relevant laws and administrative regulations, all other companies are subject to sub...Read More


Enquiry: What Documents Does a Foreign-invested Enterprise (FIE) Have to Submit to Change Its Registration to a Domestic Enterprise?

29 Dec 2016

A foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) needs to submit a number of documents to the industry and commerce administration department to change its registration to a domestic enterprise, including the appl...Read More


Enquiry: What Information Should a Company Submit If It Intends to Change Its Name?

15 Dec 2016

In China, a company that intends to change its name should submit the notice of approval of change of company name, authorisation letter of designated representative or jointly appointed agent, and a ...Read More


Enquiry: What Information Does a Company Need to Submit If It Wants to Set Up a Branch in China?

1 Dec 2016

To set up a branch in China, a company needs to submit application form for branch registration, authorisation letter of designated representative or jointly appointed agent, and photocopy of the iden...Read More

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