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Enquiry: Are China-based foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) obliged to convert foreign exchange investment capital into RMB?

7 Feb 2018

China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) requires all FIEs to convert all foreign exchange investment capital held under the capital account operation into RMB....Read More


Enquiry: Can the Non-China Party of a Foreign-invested Enterprise Remit Profits out of the Country in Renminbi?

10 Jan 2018

In line with Article 5 of the People's Republic of China’s Regulations on Foreign Exchange Control (State Council Order No.532), international receipts and payments made via a company’s current accoun...Read More


Enquiry: Is It Possible to Incorporate a Mainland Foreign-invested Enterprise in Hong Kong?

12 Oct 2017

Hong Kong individuals or corporate investors wishing to apply for the incorporation of a foreign-invested enterprise in Guangdong may submit their application form and required documents to BOC (HK) t...Read More


Enquiry: What Procedures Should a Foreign Enterprise Follow When Looking to Establish a Representative Office in China?

28 Sept 2017

In line with the Regulations on the Administration of the Registration of Resident Offices of Foreign Enterprises, a foreign enterprise can apply to have a representative office established within Chi...Read More


Enquiry: How Does a Foreign-invested Enterprise Get Official Approval in China?

21 Sept 2017

In order to establish a foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) in China or to make changes to information filed relating to an existing FIE, it is first necessary to file a record via the Integrated Manage...Read More


Enquiry: What is the Way to Secure High-tech Enterprise Status and Enjoy Preferential Income Tax Treatment?

31 Aug 2017

Any business is entitled to pay the reduced 15% rate of corporate income tax once it has been accorded high-tech enterprise status. According to the prevailing legislation, Administrative Measures for...Read More


Enquiry: What are the Qualifications of the Chief Representative of a Foreign Company’s Representative Office in China?

30 March 2017

During its operation period, a representative office may appoint one chief representative and a number of representatives, i.e. general representatives. In case of any personnel changes, the represent...Read More


Enquiry: What is the Registered Capital Registration System for Establishing Companies in China?

2 March 2017

Unless otherwise stated in provisions governing the registered paid-up capital of specific industries stipulated in relevant laws and administrative regulations, all other companies are subject to sub...Read More


Enquiry: What Documents Does a Foreign-invested Enterprise (FIE) Have to Submit to Change Its Registration to a Domestic Enterprise?

29 Dec 2016

A foreign-invested enterprise (FIE) needs to submit a number of documents to the industry and commerce administration department to change its registration to a domestic enterprise, including the appl...Read More


Enquiry: What Information Should a Company Submit If It Intends to Change Its Name?

15 Dec 2016

In China, a company that intends to change its name should submit the notice of approval of change of company name, authorisation letter of designated representative or jointly appointed agent, and a ...Read More


Enquiry: What Information Does a Company Need to Submit If It Wants to Set Up a Branch in China?

1 Dec 2016

To set up a branch in China, a company needs to submit application form for branch registration, authorisation letter of designated representative or jointly appointed agent, and photocopy of the iden...Read More


Enquiry: Are Enterprises Deriving Income from the Transfer of the Right to Use a Technology Entitled to Any Preferential Income Tax Policy?

19 May 2016

According to the Enterprise Income Law of the People’s Republic of China and its implementing rules as well as the circular jointly issued by the Ministry of Finance and State Administration of Taxati...Read More

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