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When Importing Samples / Exhibition Goods Into China Are They Deemed To Be Exempt From Import Duty?

24 April 2019

In the case of samples / exhibition goods that are being temporarily imported into China, the consignee / consignor of the goods may apply to the relevant mainland customs authority for temporary admi...Read More


Is It Necessary To Obtain A Licence Prior To Importing Goods Into China?

17 April 2019

In the case of all goods listed in the 2019 Catalogue of Goods Subject to Import Licensing Administration or the 2019 Catalogue of Goods Subject to Automatic Import Licensing Administration, the impor...Read More


If Imported Into China On A Cross-Border E-Commerce Basis Are Cosmetic Products Exempt From The Statutory Registration Requirements?

10 April 2019

Cosmetics products imported on a cross-border e-commerce basis will be deemed to be for personal use provided they are on the List of Cross-Border E-Commerce Retail Imports and satisfy all conditions ...Read More


Are Cross-Border E-Commerce Imports and General Trade Imports Taxed Differently?

20 March 2019

Under the terms of the current cross-border e-commerce retail import regulatory policy, a 0% customs levy temporarily applies to all such goods (within a set quota), while import VAT and consumption t...Read More


Do Overseas Producers of Food Imports Need to Register in China?

13 March 2019

In the case of all food listed in the Catalogue for the Registration of Overseas Producers of Imports, overseas producers must register in China before they can import any such goods to the mainland....Read More


What is the Current Maximum Value Permitted for a Single Cross-Border E-Commerce Import Transaction?

6 March 2019

On 1 January this year, the value limit per transaction for cross-border e-commerce retail imports was raised from RMB2,000 (US$300) to RMB5,000. As of the same date, the annual per person limit incre...Read More


Is It Still Necessary to Secure Prior Approval When Importing Non-Special-Use Cosmetics to China?

20 Feb 2019

Compliance with a unified system of record-filing management replaced the need for prior administrative approval when importing non-special-use cosmetics to China as of 10 November last year....Read More


With China Customs Now Responsible for All Entry / Exit Inspection and Quarantine Procedures, What Impact Has This Had on the Statutory Declaration Process?

13 Feb 2019

When the National People’s Congress endorsed the State Council’s institutional reform plan in March last year, the entry-exit inspection and quarantine responsibilities of the former General Administr...Read More


Before Importing Edible Oils to China, is it First Necessary to Secure a Specific Import Licence?

4 Feb 2019

In addition to being subject to the standard commodity inspections, some goods – including certain edible oils – need to have secured a licence prior to being imported to China....Read More


Which Mainland Cities Have Been Approved to Engage in Cross-Border E-Commerce Import Activities?

23 Jan 2019

Between 2015 and 2016, the State Council approved cross-border e-commerce comprehensive pilot zones in 13 cities – Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian,...Read More


Are Items Posted to China for Personal Use Subject to Import Tax?

16 Jan 2019

All inbound postal items intended for personal use – and deemed to be of a reasonable quantity for such a purpose – are liable to be taxed under the terms of the prevailing import personal postal art...Read More


Is It Necessary to Complete Any Record-Filing Procedures Prior to Importing Food to China?

2 Jan 2019

Before importing standard food items to China, the overseas manufacturers, exporters and agents and the domestic importers of the products must complete the relevant record-filing procedures with the ...Read More


Can a place of origin pre-ruling be obtained prior to importing goods to China?

27 Dec 2018

In line with the Interim Measures of the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China for the Administration of Pre-Ruling, a consignee may apply to the designated customs offic...Read More


Is a permit required for the mainland import of mosquito repellents and other pesticides?

12 Dec 2018

Under the terms of the Regulations on Pesticide Administration (Revised Version 2017) and its related implementation measures, a Pesticide Registration Certificate must be secured prior to importing a...Read More


In the case of goods imported to China, what criteria are used to determine their Place of Origin?

5 Dec 2018

As laid down in the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Place of Origin of Import and Export Goods, the following criteria are used when determining the Place of Origin of goods impor...Read More


Is pre-registration a necessity when importing pet food to China?

28 Nov 2018

Before importing any pet food – including specialist cat or dog food – to China, the appropriate Import Registration Certificate must be secured from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs....Read More


What are the required procedures for importing feeds/feed additives to China?

14 Nov 2018

Any company looking to export feeds/feed additives to China must first complete the appropriate registration procedures with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs....Read More


What are the legal requirements when importing pesticides to China?

7 Nov 2018

In line with the Regulations on Pesticide Administration (Revised Version 2017), no pesticide can be imported to China if it has not first been approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affair...Read More


What is the best way to ascertain individual import tariffs as they apply to the Chinese mainland?

10 Oct 2018

The first step to obtaining details of the specific tariffs levied by the mainland Customs Service is to identify the China HS Code of the product in question....Read More


Are fertiliser imports to China required to undergo prior examination and approval?

3 Oct 2018

In accordance with the Administrative Measures for the Registration of Fertilisers (2017 Revised Edition), China has adopted a fertiliser registration and administration system....Read More

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