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Chinese Enterprises Capturing Belt and Road Opportunities via Hong Kong: Findings of Surveys in South China

1 Dec 2016

While China continues to promote the Belt and Road initiative, Hong Kong has been regarded as the major service platform outside the mainland for tapping such opportunities. According to HKTDC surveys...Read More


China Takes Global Number Two Outward FDI Slot: Hong Kong Remains the Preferred Service Platform

11 Nov 2016

China is now the world’s second largest sources of FDI after the US. About 60% of the mainland’s outbound FDI flows to Hong Kong, and most of this is subsequently channelled overseas through Hong Kong...Read More


China-Europe Express Trains: On Track to Access Belt and Road Businesses

1 Nov 2016

The China-Europe Railway Express services have expanded rapidly recently, and are of increasing interest to companies wanting to transport Chinese products to Europe while tapping markets along the Be...Read More


Relocating to Chengdu and Chongqing: The Implications for the High-tech Sector

25 Oct 2016

Foreign investment has aided Chengdu and Chongqing industries, making the region an ideal base for industrial relocation. Though, companies should note the impact of higher logistics costs on their ex...Read More


Western China’s High-Tech Potential Woos the Multinationals

18 Oct 2016

Investments from foreign and domestic enterprises are flowing into western China to capitalise on the pool of tech talent and ample resources there. These have facilitated Chengdu in Sichuan province ...Read More


Western China: The Route to Success along the Belt and Road

13 Oct 2016

The western region in China is developing rapidly, and its commercial centres Sichuan and Chongqing have lured substantial foreign investment in the areas of high-tech and high value-added businesses....Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 8): Marketing Global Brands podcast

2 Sept 2016

Chinese mainland enterprises are actively going to Belt and Road countries and other overseas markets to expand their sales networks or to bring in foreign brands to further tap business opportunities...Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 7): Cold-chain Logistics Enhances Value of Imports podcast

26 Aug 2016

Chinese companies actively “go out” to look for supply sources of quality agricultural produce and fresh foods for processing or local sales on the mainland. As Hong Kong players have extensive intern...Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 6): Setting a New Stage for the Technology Industry podcast

19 Aug 2016

Hong Kong’s burgeoning technology industry is ideally placed to take advantage of the dovetailing of China’s Belt and Road Initiative with its “going out” strategy. It has a number of technology clust...Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 5): A Co-investment Example of Going Global podcast

12 Aug 2016

Chinese mainland enterprises are increasingly looking to make direct investment overseas. Through cooperation with co-investors, mainland enterprises could not only enjoy the benefits of risk sharing ...Read More


"Going Out" to Capture "Belt and Road" Opportunities (Expert Opinion 4): Cross-Border Financing Serving Outbound Investment podcast

5 Aug 2016

As an important business platform of the Asia-Pacific region, Hong Kong boasts many advantages. Leveraging Hong Kong's strengths as regional headquarters, mainland companies also make use of the terri...Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 3): Hong Kong as a Fashion Capital podcast

26 July 2016

Chinese enterprises are attaching increasing importance to enhancing their product design capability. Notably, the consumers demand for various consumer products and services is on the rise, both in t...Read More


“Going Out” to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 2): Managing Brand Value podcast

15 July 2016

Many Chinese enterprises are actively pursuing transformation and upgrading as well as developing brand business in the hope of increasing the value-added of their products or services, enhancing comp...Read More


"Going Out" to Capture Belt and Road Opportunities (Expert Opinion 1): Key to Risk Management podcast

7 July 2016

China has investments all over Europe, the Americas and Asia, covering a wide spectrum. As China gradually extends its outbound investment to countries along the Belt and Road routes, enterprises "goi...Read More


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: Capitalise on China’s Innovation Momentum

21 June 2016

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan calls for innovation to enhance the competitiveness of various industries and to help private enterprises move towards higher value-added businesses amid intensified global...Read More


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: Smart Solutions Required to Upgrade Chinese Robots

17 June 2016

Smart manufacturing and robotics are identified as key development areas in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan and Made in China 2025 documents. But China has not developed robots “smart”enough to raise its ...Read More


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: Made in China 2025 and Industrie 4.0 Cooperative Opportunities podcast

7 June 2016

While Made in China 2025 and Industrie 4.0 may lead to competition between Chinese and German industries, the different development priorities of the two strategies reveal more opportunities for coope...Read More


China’s 13th Five-Year Plan: The Challenges and Opportunities of Made in China 2025 podcast

27 May 2016

China’s 13th Five-Year Plan will implement the Made in China 2025 initiative in greater depth, aiming to make the country become a manufacturing powerhouse. This will stimulate China’s demand for adva...Read More


Capitalising on China’s New Advertising Media (2): Expanding the O2O Consumer Market podcast

28 April 2016

Chinese consumers increasingly search for products and service information via online platforms, leading advertisers to gradually shift their advertising focus towards new media. But Chinese consumers...Read More


Capitalising on China’s New Advertising Media (1): New Media to Stimulate Market Demand podcast

21 April 2016

With the rapid growth of Internet and mobile communications, new media that make use of digital platforms for promotion and marketing have mushroomed in China. This has made China's advertising market...Read More

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