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Hohhot (Inner Mongolia) City Information

(Latest information update as at 2012)

Major Economic Indicators (2012)

Land Area (km²)17,224
Population (million)2.95
GDP (RMB billion)247.56
GDP Composition
Primary Industry4.9%
Secondary Industry (Industry & Contruction)36.4%
Tertiary Industry (Service)58.7%
GDP Per Capita (RMB)83,952
Unemployment Rate3.63%
Fixed Asset Investment (RMB billion)130.14
Utilized FDI (USD million)616.94
Total Import & Export (USD million)1,701.28
Export (USD million)832.92
Import (USD million)868.36
Sales of Consumer Goods (RMB billion)102.23
Source: Hohhot Economic and Social Development Report 2012


Hohhot, the capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is at the center of the region's politics, economy and culture. The city is located in the middle part of the autonomous region, north of the Yellow River.

Hohhot serves as an important passage and a hub-city, linking Beijing, the capital of China, with North-West China. Hohhot Airport flies over forty air routes to various major domestic cities, and flies two direct routes to Mongolia and Russia.

Hohhot has over forty types of minerals with rich deposits, including coal, oil, copper, iron, zinc and gold, in its urban and adjacent areas.

The city is renowned as the “Home Town of Milk” in China, as its milk products are distributed to all of the major domestic markets.

Economic Features

After Baotou and Ordos, Hohhot is the third-largest economy of the province, with GDP of RMB 247.56 billion in 2012, up 11.0% year on year, and accounting for approximately 15.5% of the province's total.

The city's six pillar-industries are dairy processing, electricity, electrical information, biopharmaceuticals, chemical metallurgy and machinery manufacturing. There are many famous enterprises located in Hohhot. Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co (Yili), China's biggest dairy producer by sales revenue, realized a net profit of RMB 1.72 billion and sales revenue of RMB 41.99 billion

China Mengniu Dairy Co, the nation's second largest dairy maker in terms of sales revenue, realized a net profit of RMB 1.26 million and sales revenue of RMB 36.08 billion in 2012. Together, the two dairy companies accounted for over 60% of the market share in dairy products.

The Inner Mongolia Datang Electrical International Tuoketuo Power Plant, a subsidiary of the Datang International Power Generation Co Ltd, with a total installed capacity of 4.8 million kw, is one of the largest thermal power plants in Asia.

In 2012, the total foreign trade of the city reached US$1.7 billion, down 16% year on year, while the utilized FDI in the city was US$616.94 million, dropped 30.3% year on year. Its major export goods are cement, construction materials, et cetera, while its key imported goods include crude oil, copper powder, zinc powder and animal products. Major trading partners of the city include Mongolia and Russia.

Cultural Highlights

Hohhot is among the famous historical and cultural cities of China, and is one of the places of origin of the Chinese civilization. It has written records from over two thousand years ago, particularly those relics of the “Dayao Culture”, indicating human activities of five hundred thousand years ago.

Tourist Attraction

There are many, varied tourist attractions in Hohhot, such as Zhaojun's Mausoleum, which evidences the marriage between the princess of the Western Han Dynasty and the chief of the Hun, the Huayan Scripture Tower of the Liao Dynasty, the Dazhao Temple, the Xilituzhao Temple and the five Pagoda Temples of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and other famous historical sites.

Mongolian cuisine is characterized by strong, local flavors. In Hohhot, you will have experience typical Mongolian food and beverages, such as milk tea, toasted millet, boiled skim-milk, cream, and tender finger-mutton.

Major Development Zones

Area (km²)
Pillar Industries
GDP in 2010
(RMB billion)
Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone
Dairy products and green food-processing, information technology, gold- and silver-refining and purification, new materials, bio-pharmaceuticals, textile
Hohhot Export Processing Zone
Textiles,  information technology, bio-pharmaceuticals, new materials, green food-products, light-industry machinery

Source: Ministry of Commerce


"National Top Ten Harmonious Sustainable Development City" (2008)
- Ministry of Construction of P.R. China

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